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10 years,We have strong technical strength.

Located in the beautiful paradise on earth, Jiangsu Suzhou is an advanced enterprise specializing in manufacturing hydraulic lifting platform in China. The company has strong technical force, advanced manufacturing technology and complete inspection means. With a group of experienced technicians and senior engineers, each employee has more than 100 manufacturing and assembly experience.

Customize all kinds of lifting hydraulic press to save more money for you

The company mainly produces mobile boarding bridges, fixed boarding bridges and special non-standard boarding bridges. High-altitude fork-type operating platform, vehicle-mounted hydraulic elevator, track-type hydraulic elevator, fork-type cargo elevator Ladder, pipeline lifting equipment... and according to the data requirements provided by customers, manufacturing and production of various non-standard Form of hydraulic lifting machinery. The product has passed the Technical Supervision Bureau Inspection and meets the JB/T9229.1(2.3) -1999 standard.

Guarantee of high cost performance

The company is a hydraulic lifting equipment design, manufacturer, reduce the intermediate costs of customer procurement. The company adopts batch production mode, which saves cost and can provide customers with a series of cheap and high-quality products.

Perfect after-sales service system

The company's customer service and related personnel provide customers with telephone and online consultation all day long, timely and effective pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale consultation services. The company operates in good faith and has the certificate of conforming to the standard of enterprise credit management in Jiangsu Province. Customer satisfaction is our company's goal
       Suzhou Xuyangte Hydraulic Pressure Ascend Vehicle Bridge Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional design, manufacture and sales of various types of cllimbing and all kinds of hydraulic lift machine, hydraulic environmental protection of the mechanical equipment enterprises.
  The company has rich technical force, advanced manufacturing technology, complete test means. Has a group of experienced technical staff and senior engineer, with each of the employees have over one hundred sets of manufacturing, assembly experience.
The company mainly produces mobile cllimbing, fixed cllimbing, special non-standard cllimbing. High altitude scissor work platform, CheZaiShi hydraulic elevators, rail type hydraulic cargo-lifts, scissor cargo-lifts, assembly line lifting equipment... And according to the customer to provide the data requirements, manufacturing production various non-standard form of hydraulic lift machine. The product through the national technical supervision bureau detection, accord with national JB/T9229.1 (2.3) 1999 standard.
  The company produces the product is mainly used in warehouses, docks and airports, logistics enterprise of cargo handling, material handling, stacking, stadium, and the workshop product safety office, high-rise building materials transport...
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