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How to Maintain and Maintain Hydraulic Lifting Platform

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Nowadays, with the continuous development of the economy, in line with the needs of the society, the productivity is constantly increasing, and now there are more high-altitude operations, so the elevator brings us a lot of convenience when we operate at high altitude. So, what problems should the elevator pay attention to in the ordinary use process? How to maintain and maintain it?
Now in many industries, the handling and stacking of goods can not be separated from manual handling tools and fixed loading and unloading auxiliary tools. In the handling of mobile goods, there are internal combustion forklift, manual and so on, while in the handling of fixed goods, there are hydraulic lifting platform, and other equipment.
In the process of using, these equipments have played a very important role, which has brought great help to the whole industry and even to the whole economic development. But these equipments also need regular maintenance and maintenance, otherwise the work efficiency and utilization rate will decline.
Let's take it as an example and tell us how to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of these equipments.
First, normal and regular maintenance is based on prevention, which is corrected or repaired before breakage or failure. Careful inspection and overhaul can save costs and avoid more problems, resulting in high-cost renovation.
Secondly, hydraulic lifting platform is driven by electric energy, hydraulic system lifting, avoid irregular operation in operation, ensure the normal and orderly operation of hydraulic lifting platform, to achieve the ideal unloading level.
Thirdly, every week check whether the connection of hydraulic lifting platform is tightened, whether it is damaged or invalid, whether it is lack, whether the oil cylinder leaks or not are the key issues of inspection. Once a week, we must clean up the lifting frame, scissors, lines and oil cylinders so as to avoid dust and sundries affecting normal work.
Then, for the replacement of hydraulic oil, it is best to replace it once in March. If the frequency of use is not high, it can be replaced once a year. Hydraulic oil must be clean. After replacing the hydraulic oil, it must be automatically lifted 2 to 3 times, so that the air in the cylinder can be exhausted clean, and enough space can be maintained to ensure that the hydraulic lifting platform can be lifted up and down to the rated lifting height.
Next, the platform of the hydraulic lifting platform needs to balance the load of cargo, not allow one side of the phenomenon of partial load, cargo lifting is not allowed to stand on both sides of the platform, lifting cargo should try to maintain a steady average speed rise.
Finally, when the hydraulic lifting platform has a relatively large fault, it should be repaired by professionals as soon as possible. After the failure, it should not be used in order to avoid accidents, resulting in loss of personnel and property.
Of course, in the maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic lifting platform, there are still many places to pay attention to, but also hope that customers and friends use more attention to ensure the safety of personnel and property, regular maintenance and maintenance, prolong their service life, create greater benefits for enterprises.
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